Shopping weapons of choice

I am a confirmed online shopper. I don’t seem to have the time (or the energy) these days to do the Saturday shopping trip. As a teenager my whole week revolved around the trip to the shops. It didn’t matter that it took over an hour on the bus to get to Lakeside (it was brand new and shiny back then) as it was spent catching up with friends who I hadn’t seen since Friday afternoon at school. It all seemed worth it, the getting up early, planning which shops you just HAD to visit and where you planned on having lunch.

Lakeside shopping centre

What the hell is this btw? A man trapped in a Prisoner style bubble?

Now I’m just content with browsing shops online and generally stick to the same ones each time. The ease of ordering and returning now makes it a breeze and when your delivery arrives it feels like a little present to yourself. It might sound a little sad but who doesn’t like receiving post?

My favourite is ASOS, or as it used to be known, As Seen on Screen.


Once the only place to get a lookalike Rachel from Friends dress to go with your lookalike Rachel from Friends hairdo, now it sells major brands, has a boutique and designer area and most recently a “vintage” marketplace where even you, yes you, can sell your unwanted “vintage” clothes to the masses that flock to ASOS.

To be honest I can’t help but get drawn there every time. I want to buy a new dress. I check ASOS first. New trousers. ASOS. New shoes. Office. Then ASOS to see if they have something similar but cheaper.

I shop there that much that a signed up to the Premier service allowing me to get free next day delivery all year round. Think it costs me around £50 but I was spending much more than that before. I spend as much time browsing through the sales at ASOS as I do on Facebook, well probably more.

My second shopping haunt is Shopstyle.


This is the perfect site for women who know what they want but cannot find it in the shops. It brings together lots of different online stores like French Connection, Topshop and designer stores like Ralph Lauren. You can search by clothing type or even by look. Hundreds of members regularly put together their own looks and share them on the site. Imagine you want a style like Audrey Hepburn or the film Black Swan, simply search and related items appear. Genuis! Now my browsing time is cut down. I can look for nude shoes and compare across several different stores all from the comfort of my sofa (or bed).

What with the death of the local high street as each one becomes an undistinguishable clone of the next I’m sticking to looking online first.

One thought on “Shopping weapons of choice

  1. I am discovering the joy of online shopping and I think I totally love it!
    I once had a disaster with on order for a beautiful white swimwear which turned out to have no lining and you could see everything through! I had to return it and then I thought I wouldn’t shop online again.
    But during the Christmas season when places like Westfield got absolutely crammed, I resorted to shopping online.
    Getting your parcel with brand new apparel is just soo exciting!

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