Spending splurge

Who doesn't like shopping?For the past month I really haven’t been very well with my asthma confining me to the house and only my laptop and bf for company. Now that I am ready for the commute back to work (which also means I can start going out with friends and be sociable again) I have looked back at the last few weeks and realised that I might have gone a bit crazy spending wise. Normally just a little bit of window shopping in my lunch hour satisfies any spending need I feel.

With that ability taken away from me I turned to the virtual shops and isn’t it always the way when you don’t really need anything…everything looked amazing and turned into a must buy! I’m quite lucky that I hadn’t spent my birthday funds yet and I also had a couple of small wins courtesy of ERNIE (larger ones next time please). But at least this sudden sense of must buy prompted me to invest in a proper handbag, the first one to feel like a real grown up purchase (I’m 34).

Hobbs Mini Antonia Bag

I just could not find anything else to match it. All the other bags I liked were too small or way too expensive. So I took the plunge. But I think it is worth it. Considering that I normally buy a new work handbag every year or so for about £40, this one is definitely an investment.

Also in an attempt to try out wearing more colour on my nails I bought a range of polishes from e.l.f and got free shipping and lip gloss (great colours for work) using a promotion code from Me, My e.l.f and I.

I bought these colours:

e.l.f nail polish in dark navy

e.l.f nail polish in mint cream

I’ve still got my eyes on a neon yellow colour and think I may have found the winner with this one from Yves St Laurent:

Yves Saint Laurent La Laque Nail Lacquer

I also bought some dresses to wear to work this summer also in an attempt to dress a little more grown up and feel less like a student (again I am 34). All are from Fashion Union:

Black Velma spot dress

Black Perla polka spot dress

Floral Button Summer Dress

But that’s it. I ended my spending spree with the distinctly unglamorous purchase of…a kettle. I thank you.

Is there anything you have splashed out on this month?

What do you think?

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