Email temptations

I love a bargain. So much so that I am quite willing to sign up for mail shots from sites that I regularly shop from like Oasis, ASOS and House of Fraser. The problem with this is the constant offers that pour into my mailbox each day. I see the sneaky subject lines trying to tempt me to open the email.


Flash Sale from Dorothy Perkins

20% off all shoes!

Flash sale!

Amazing, only going to happen once, blink and you will miss it, make sure you shop today or you’ll hate yourself for not buying something at this crazy price.

Ok, that last one was made up, but that is how they make me feel, like I might actually regret not spending my cash on something I don’t really need.

“But it was a bargain!” I say as my other half asks why yet again he is taking delivery of a package.

“It seems you get deliveries everyday”

“No not really, it was just this was err…something I really wanted. There will be no orders next week…promise”


So now I face the daily trial of resistance. It is made all the harder by the amount of amazing blog posts I see in my Twitter feed each day. Wonderful people sharing their most recent purchases with stunning photos to match. I’ve had to go cold turkey on Pinterest as my shoe obsession was getting a little out of control and don’t get me started on the amount of dresses I have racked up on my wish list.

Now I am trying to share my gorgeous finds without falling into the trap of actually clicking purchase and allowing my finger track the mouse to the checkout shopping bag. It is all too easy. Everything is designed to make you buy , from the saved details from my last purchase to the stunningly simple One Click checkout on Amazon which has seen me spend small amounts of books that normally I would umm and ahh about for ages before buying.

Loads of shopping bags

My thankfully thrifty brain (still set on skint student mode) stops me from buying anything that is too costly but I bet if I add up all the “small” orders I have placed over the past six months I would be a little shocked at the total amount. I am trying my hardest to deny the emails their open glory and instead I say to myself:

“Do I really need it? I mean REALLY. Hand on heart, when is the next black tie ball you are actually going to go to? Put the shiny shoes down and step away from the keyboard”.

Do you struggle with making seemingly innocuous purchases?

What do you think?

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