Anyone Else Want to Blog Using their Mind?

I know that blogging involves the mind what I am talking about is actually hooking your brain up somehow so that you can thought transmit your blog posts without having to type them up.

Thinking up Ideas

Every day I walk home and have the best blog ideas. The words just flow. But by the time I get home my inspiration has waned and the words have faded. This thought recording device could also be used to record dreams or those songs you create whilst showering. You know the ones…

A friend suggested using a dictaphone to capture these moments of inspiration but alas I am not keen on wandering the streets of South London talking into my phone, let alone on my crowded train home.

So no, until Apple release an iPhone that has mind recognition software then I shall have to stick to scraps of paper scrawled on with my Ikea pencil.

What do you think?

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