My Lisa Garland Halloween costume

So tonight I am off to a party at a local pub as Lisa Garland from Silent Hill. Last night I put the finishing touches to my outfit.

Lisa Garland

Bloody tights:

I took a standard pair of tights, some scissors and red nail varnish. Using the scissors to rip the tights around the knee I then put on the tights and using done newspaper to protect my legs from the nail varnish, added “bloody”areas.



I also hand sewed a nurse hat using a small boys shirt.

Nurse's Hat

You can make your own using a template like this one:

The final outfit is finished off with a pair of red heels and a white belt. All I need to do once I get ready tonight is make my fake blood and apply it to my slightly whitened face.


This is a fake blood recipe I found from a girl who does lots of cosplay but hated it staining her skin for days on end. I’ve yet to try it iut but hopefully it will come off easily with soap and water.


  • Warm or hot water
  • Cocoa powder
  • Corn syrup (golden syrup)
  • Food colouring

Basically in a medium bowl, one you don’t mind getting stained, put half a teaspoon of cocoa powder in the bowl. Then put in just enough warm or hot water to cover the cocoa powder and mix until it is completely dissolved. After that take the corn syrup and pour enough in until it’s thick, but not too thick. Use your own judgement on this and add less or more as you think is needed. Then mix the corn syrup and cocoa powder together until blended. Then put one drop of blue or green food coloring, doesn’t matter which, they just help to darken the blood to look more real as does the cocoa powder. And then start with 2 drops of red food colouring and add more as needed but not too much. Because starting out the blood will be a bit too dark which you’ll lighten with more red food colouring.

I also saw a great tip online for edible fake blood if you want to spill some out of your mouth (like your mouth is filled with blood). You take a bottle of squeezable chocolate sauce and colour it with red food colour, then simply squeeze into your mouth ready for it to ooze out.

Happy Halloween!

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