Hot right now – quilted jackets

Quilted Coats

I’m on the hunt for ski wear for a trip early next year and in doing so have seen a flood of quilted jackets in stores and online. My sister-in-law grabbed a quilted down coat for a bargain £29 in a charity shop recently and said that wearing it felt like “I’m wrapped in a duvet” which sounded like the perfect solution for the cold months ahead.

These are some of my favourites.

Mango Furry Hood Quilted Coat

Mango Furry Hood Quilted Coat – £109

Mango have lots of beautiful down coats and jackets this winter and this is so very feminine. Belted to prevent you getting that Michelin man look.

Uniqlo and Theory Down Coat

Uniqlo and Theory Down Coat – £99.90

Not yet on sale but  I love the simple design and reasonable price for this collaboration between Uniqlo (my HeatTech thermal saviours) and Theory.

Burberry Bow Belt Down Coat

Burberry Bow Belt Down Coat – £1,595.00

I know, the one and a half grand seems extreme (it is Burberry after all) but it does look so snuggly warm and yet so bloody chic at the same time.

Roxy Tundra Coat

Roxy Tundra Coat – £255

I particularly like this jacket and could be tempted to get it as I could wear it skiing. If only it wasn’t quite so pricey…

How are you planning on shielding yourself from the cold outdoors this winter?

3 thoughts on “Hot right now – quilted jackets

  1. DON’T buy the Mango furry hooded quilted down coat! I bought it, had it for a month, and then it started leaking down (after the return period was over). The feathers poke through the fabric, and now there’s break in the seam of one pocket, and the feathers stick in my clothes, are hard to pick out, and make my clothes look a mess. BAD QUALITY! Don’t buy! (This is not my real name, as I don’t care to have merchants know my identity).

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