Films destined to stay in VHS graveyard?

In the days before social media and the internet I lived for VHS.  Every week the videoman (a gentlemen who drove a mobile video library) would visit our street and our family would take a look at the new releases and wonder what we could spend our loyalty cards on.

Do you miss video tracking?

Yes cards, plural. We spent a fair amount of money on videos as the television only offered four channels and transmissions would generally be interrupted or end at points in the day only to be replaced by scary dolls and young girls… So we gained loyalty cards. Different coloured cards for different points value. There was a burgundy coloured card, silver and the most coveted, a gold one allowing us a full two weeks rental for titles. It was…a simpler time.

Being the youngest I went straight for any new Disney releases or animated movies. Some of my all time favourite films can be directly traced back to a rental from the videoman (I don’t think we ever did know his name). I first watched Ferris Bueller’s Day off with my brother because of this mobile wonder and also the back catalogue of Mel Gibson and Richard Gere films (thanks mum!). The Secret of Nihm was discovered one evening and I still love the tale over most of the saccharin Disney films I saw. Looking back now it’s actually quite disturbing in parts but that makes me love it even more. With the eventual demise of VHS came DVD and Blu-Rays.

Most of the films I loved in the 80s have now found their way from the wilds of celluloid history and are being enjoyed by new generations, I recently received Ferris Bueller’s Day Off on Blu-ray, just never gets old. But unfortunately there are still several films that remain lost in the  vaults of film studios and two that would make me incredibly happy if they were to be released as no longer would I have to watch in sections on Youtube…

The Tale of the Bunny Picnic

The Tale of The Bunny Picnic

This was Jim Henson’s last directorial film before he died. A short but brilliant tale featuring the Muppet bunnies in a story all to themselves. Last released on VHS in 1999 there has been plenty of now adults asking for this film to be released on DVD and given that Disney love a good limited edition release I’m suprised they haven’t done so at cash lucrative Easter.

The other film on my most wanted list is:



First released in 1980 after being inspired by the 1976 Olympics , this star studded film features the voices of Billy Crystal and Simpsons star Harry Shearer and a soundtrack by Graham Gouldman of 10CC. I watched this film over and over and over until my brother could take no more (it is now ingrained in his head now too).

So come on people! If you can bring Megaforce (check out the classic outfit Barry Bostwick is wearing) to DVD then surely you can release these two…please?

What do you think?

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