Make-up brushes – so many choices

As I reach my blusher brush yet again I am reminded of a task I should have done years ago.


NARS Kabuki Artisan Yachiyo Brush

NARS Kabuki Artisan Yachiyo Brush £37.50

I know, for years I have coped with cheap gift sets that suited me as a teenager but as I get older I’m starting to hate having to throw out yet another brush that is shedding and leaving me covered in tiny black hairs. Enough is enough. I need some better brushes.

The only one I thought would last me a while doesn’t have a problem with the bristles, oh no they are fine, it’s the handle that has seen better days. The white colour is peeling and leaving my hands covered in tiny white spots. So if its not black hairs it’s paint that sticks to everything and always needs washing off. So I think it might even be farewell to my faithful Kabuki brush.

I’ve been saving up my Boots points and not spending them on nail polish or lipsticks ( even though I’m sure I do need some more of those, right?) but I do not have enough yet to splurge out on the brushes I have my heart set on (ones I imagine in my mind along with a matching professional case to house all my make-up).

Japoneseque Powder Brush

Japonesque Natural Pro Powder Brush £28

I’ve looked at Bobbie Brown’s, MAC brushes, NARS, Japonesque and ones by Laura Mercier but I just can’t decide. I love the MAC Cosmetics site as it has an interactive application to help you chose the right brush.

MAC Cosmetics Site

But I’m still undecided. The more sites I visit the more confused I get. So I’ve set out a list of requirements before I buy.

  1. I’ll only buy the brushes I use everyday: a blusher brush, powder brush and eyebrow brush to start
  2. They must be good quality: natural hair with a hard-wearing handle
  3. They shouldn’t be gimmicky: no crazy “special” qualities or unusual design

MAC 213 Fluff Brush

MAC Fluff Brush 213 £16

A trip to a large department store is in order so I can get a great look and see how they feel before I buy. Then I can gradually build up a collection and say goodbye to cheap brushes.

Does anyone have any recommendations for me? I’d love to know what you use.

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