New skincare for spring

Last year I received a gift voucher for L’Occitane and until now I haven’t seen anything that I wanted to buy (having already stocked up on their lovely Shea butter hand-creams). But time was running out so I had a think and a rummage around my make-up box (yup a box. A bag is far too small for everything I own) and found that the face creams I use are sometimes just too heavy for spring and summer making a lighter face cream the ideal purchase. Continue reading

My Beauty Regime Essentials

The title of this post is a little misleading. To be utterly truthful I don’t really have a regime of sorts. As a teenager I was lucky not to get full-blown acne but did suffer from some quite painful spots. I tried different potions and lotions that all claimed to give me fresh and clean-looking skin but nothing did the trick. I ended up with either really oily or incredibly dry skin. I am quite sensitive to products with a strong fragrance so I started to avoid those.

Marilyn Monroe Loved Simple Skincare like Vaseline Continue reading