Nite Jewel – Strange, Yet Good

At work we have Spotify and have a collaborative playlist which at times has resulted in the discovery of some very odd tracks and some hidden gems.

About a year ago a band came to my notice mostly due to the unique sound they have. The easiest way to explain it is to imagine that the lead female singer has somehow fallen down into a drain but her microphone somehow was within recording distance, dangling from the grate above. The songs by Nite Jewel have an almost narcotic feel to them, as though you’ve wandered into an opium filled dreamlike world.Nite Jewel

Universal World is possibly my favourite track (listen on Spotify here: spotify:track:5OoN9Xf1aROkoeBeByLt87) and the band is now known to us all as “girl down a drain”. Like Ant and Dec you’ll either love them or hate them…