Beauty treatments this weekend

I’ve had enough of the winter now. The cold blasts of air through my clothes, the way the damp weather makes my hair frizzy and dry all at the same time, and the dry skin crying out because of all the drying central heating and layers upon layers of clothes I have to wear to stay warm.

Cold, rainy, windy weather

And it’s not just the weather causing my skin to rebel and attempt to turn into tree bark, the fact my bathroom has no heating and turns into a place I want to spend as little time as possible makes me less inclined to strip off in there for any kind of beauty treatment.Heck, even shaving has to be done in the shower and because my hot water tank is the size of a thimble I have to turn off the shower if I want to shave my legs or wash my hair.

But this weekend isn’t too bad. Yes it’s raining outside but at least the Continue reading

Product review: John Frieda Sheer Blonde

I recently decided to take charge of my hair and hide the few platinum white hairs that have appeared around my hairline. They are not that noticeable but I know they are there. So I made a brave choice and had a few highlights and a little toner colour applied to blend them away and stop me feeling so self-conscious.

In doing so I have had to slightly alter my hair washing routine so when I was contacted about trying out some John Frieda products I said what the hell, no harm in trying them out.

Not tonight I'm washing my hair Continue reading