Three trends this season – all selling on ebay

I started to have a clear out of my wardrobe late last year and sold off a Vivienne Westwood jacket and a French Connection dress.

I still have quite a few items that I no longer wear so off I went to ebay to list a few more in the hope that I can earn a little money to pay for some of the lovely things I’ve been adding to my wish list over on Pinterest.

Pinterest Wish List Board

I’m yet to have another serious clear out. One where I try on everything I haven’t worn for a while and really take a look at how I look wearing it. I am terrible at hanging onto tops that have gone out of shape just because I love the colour or print. Continue reading

Selling off those fashion mistakes

Now I’m not saying that I have bought clothes or shoes that are simply dire, more that they just don’t suit me at all. Or in the case of one pair of shoes, I love them but I just can’t wear them any more as a break in one of my toes a few years ago makes them pretty painful. So I am destined to try my hand at selling them on.Felicity Cross Sells Her Unwanted Clothes on ebay and has an unusually large left hand Continue reading