The importance of beauty prep: Eyelashes

I’m a fairly simple girl when it comes to make-up. Most days I only wear about four or five make-up products (not including moisturiser) and when going out I might add a couple more. I believe that making sure you have prepared your face before applying your products makes all the difference in how the look turns out. My Grandmother, Nan and Mum all passed on several tips that I always make sure I follow when getting ready to face the world.Japonesque slant volume false eyelashes

The first, and I think most importantly, are your lashes. Forget all those adverts telling you that you can get “skyscraper lashes”, Continue reading

My Beauty Regime Essentials

The title of this post is a little misleading. To be utterly truthful I don’t really have a regime of sorts. As a teenager I was lucky not to get full-blown acne but did suffer from some quite painful spots. I tried different potions and lotions that all claimed to give me fresh and clean-looking skin but nothing did the trick. I ended up with either really oily or incredibly dry skin. I am quite sensitive to products with a strong fragrance so I started to avoid those.

Marilyn Monroe Loved Simple Skincare like Vaseline Continue reading