Challenge: Cooking only from the store cupboard

So there I was, sitting at my desk when an email from Money Saving Expert popped into my inbox. I like to a have a nose mainly due to work (to see if anything exciting has happened in the world of finance) but also for bargains, discounts and freebies.

Today I spied a great idea that I am going to give a go this week.

The Store Cupboard Challenge.

Wish I had a larder like this

Larder from Simon’s Kitchens Continue reading

Shredded Red Cabbage

I am a little obsessed with re-creating the shredded red cabbage that comes with kebabs. I’ve been scouring the interweb in my attempts to turn what can be a very dull vegetable (unless braised with red wine) into the moreish delight that I so love alongside a tender chicken shish kebab.

Red Cabbage

I’m not one of those late night eaters, that having drunk more Continue reading

Pumpkin Pie & Toasted Seeds Recipe


Now Halloween is over you may find a glut of cheap but tempting pumpkins in the supermarket. I actually decided not to carve my pumpkin this year instead getting my hand at pie baking. I have always roasted my pumpkin seeds and this year is no exception. Here are my two recipes: Continue reading

Lebanese if you please…

As much as I love cooking my own meals and experimenting with different and new ingredients I still love discovering new restaurants and takeaways for those lazy evenings where all you really want to do is be waited on. Recently I have noticed how Mexican food has really started taking off in London with new fusion chains and tapas style restaurants opening in the place of closed down bars.Mexican food at Wahaca Continue reading

Can versus man

Deciding to resist the temptation of a late night visit to McDonald’s and KFC ( we were drunk it was very cold at the bus stop) an idea formed. A can of corned beef sat in the fridge at home. We had bread so this seemed like a perfect proposition. All we wanted was a little snack to ward off the drinking munchies. Simple.

Or so you would think. Bread was buttered, the can was taken from the fridge and this is where disaster struck.

“Where’s the little key?” I thought Continue reading