Listography – Top 5 songs I grew up to

Thanks to Kate Takes 5 for letting me into the world of list making.

Here are my top 5 songs that I grew up with.

Like a Virgin – Madonna

Madonna Like a Virgin Single

I must have played the album over and over that even to this day I still mentally hear the little beep at the end of the side one that used to remind me to turn the tape over if I listen to the album.

Like a Virgin was the song that I dressed up in my mum’s clothes and danced around proclaiming ” Like a virgin…touched for the very first time”. I was 6. Ah my poor mum. I imagine her face was a picture as she hoped I didn’t understand the lyrics.

Beach Boys – Good Vibrations

The Beach Boys 20 Golden Greats

Possibly the first album I ever played at the tiny age of two, my love of The Beach Boys continues to this day. My favourite as a child was Good Vibrations. I had no idea what the song was about but sang along anyway. It also didn’t scare me half as much as Heroes and Villains did…

Eagles – Hotel California

Eagles Hotel California

I was obsessed with the album artwork for the album and instantly fell in love with the title song. It transported me to a different world where I imagined a whole film that went along with the lyrics. The artwork is actually quite spooky and again I still love the song.

Frankie – Sister Sledge

I was given Now 5 as a present and Frankie by Sister Sledge just got rewound over and over. I remember dancing and singing along in my mum’s bedroom wearing as many plastic rings and bangles as I could find until my family could listen to it no more.

Lionel Richie – Dancing on the Ceiling

“H-whurt is happenen’ here”… the first ever album that I bought myself with pocket-money on a rare trip to Tesco. I loved the video for Dancing on the Ceiling and thought at the time it looked like the best party ever. Ha.


You can’t take that away from me…

So I have a problem. Sentimentalizing everything. I’ll give you an example do you can try to understand what I am getting at.

The Sentimental Agent

At Christmas I receive a gift card from my dad. For Accessorize let’s say. I deliberate over what to buy with the gift card because once it had been spent the gift becomes whatever I have bought. So I bought a pair if shoes. Lovely shoes. Shoes that I can wear whatever the weather, bar snow, and ones that are both Continue reading

Street art changes fast, if you don’t slow down you might just miss it

Last weekend, as a birthday treat for a friend, a group of us all met up in Spitalfields market for a trip round London. We were met by not one but two tour guides that day (Doug and Ben) to take us on a journey round the East Ends best street art.

The Alterative London Tour promised a day to open our eyes to what is really around us and help us understand the amount of work the artists put in and also teach us about the culture of street art.

All in two hours.

I thought I didn’t know Continue reading

Email temptations

I love a bargain. So much so that I am quite willing to sign up for mail shots from sites that I regularly shop from like Oasis, ASOS and House of Fraser. The problem with this is the constant offers that pour into my mailbox each day. I see the sneaky subject lines trying to tempt me to open the email.


Flash Sale from Dorothy Perkins

20% off all shoes!

Flash sale!

Amazing, only going to happen once, blink and you will miss it, make sure you shop today or you’ll hate yourself for not buying something at this crazy price.

Ok, that last one was made up, but that is how they make me feel, like I might actually regret not spending my cash on Continue reading

What does your fridge say about you?

I love food. Reading about food, cooking it or thinking about what I will order in a restaurant. Each weekly shop is not simply necessity for me, it is a chance to order new cuts of meat or discover a new type of cuisine (Vietnamese for example) as I order mint, bean sprouts and coriander. This constant need for new flavours and different meals has led my fridge to develop its own shelf of condiments. Actually they have spread over onto one of the door shelves. My other half keeps asking me to cut down on the amount we own, pointing out the amount of different chilli sauces.

The contents of my fridge Continue reading

When sod’s law attacks…

I was at work when I saw the following tweet from @daisychaindream

Daisy Chain Dream's tweet about her cat

I laughed as that always happens to me. It’s sod’s law. It got me thinking about the top 5 occasions when it is most likely to hit me:

1. The cat gets all comfy (after minutes of moving about, pummeling my legs, nudging me for fusses…) and Continue reading