NARS Andy Warhol Nail Polish Superstar

The Andy Warhol collection at NARS launched a few weeks ago and I bought my own bottle of nail polish, a dark teal colour called Superstar.

NARS Andy Warhol Box

It arrived in a lovely box but I wasn’t able to try it on as I was enjoying wearing my nude polish from MAC.

Andy Warhol NARS Collection

As with all dark polishes, application is a tricky business, one small slip and it can end up with a very noticeably messy finish. Only one coat was needed to cover my nails and I used my OPI corrector pen to wipe away the mistakes I made.

Andy Warhol Poster

It went on well and dried fairly fast leaving my nails shiny. I was a little disappointed that the colour was darker than I expected as in certain lights you cannot tell that it is teal.

Close Up Superstar Nail Polish

With a coat of Barry M topcoat and hardener they look very glossy and reflective.

NARS Superstar Polish

2 thoughts on “NARS Andy Warhol Nail Polish Superstar

    • My top tips for applying.

      • Always paint on a flat surface
      • Don’t rush 😉
      • I remove a little excess on one side of the brush and start at the centre of the nail
      • With the next stroke I wiggle the brush towards the sides
      • Best tip. Use a nail corrector pen to wipe away mistakes!
      • I’ve heard some people apply a little Vaseline around the cuticles and sides of the finger to stop the polish taking but I’ve never tried it. I’m not so keen on the brush that comes with NARS polish, the one on MAC polishes seem to be shorter and wider which make application much easier.


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