Creating my own spa at home

As we expected, this summer has so far been a mixture of sunshine and downpours. First drought conditions and now flooding. All of which leads to wardrobe dilemmas and those days when your outfit just turns out to be the wrong choice.

It started out cold and rainy and as soon as you’re 10 minutes into your walk to work it starts to get sunnier, and warmer, making the choice of wearing boots and tights a mistake and by the end of the day all you want is to peel those suckers off and soak your poor feet.

The last thing I want to do when my feet ache is to stand in the shower again just to refresh them so I searched for a foot bath. I originally wanted a large bowl that I could use but in our tiny flat – just where would it go? I hunted around for alternatives and even considered a proper electric foot spa (but again where the hell would it go?). Amazon showed me the way with an inspired idea. A foot bath that could be flattened and stored easily.

Hoof Inflatable Foot Bath

It’s like a mini-paddling pool for my feet and allows me to fully soak my poor tired feet.

I was also recently sent a package of goodies from Dead Sea Spa Magik which included Dead Sea Bath Salts. Now, I have sensitive skin and try to avoid highly perfumed products, preferring to use natural oils to soak in the bath so Dead Sea salts sounded perfect. Unfortunately I cannot really use my bath (our tank only fills it enough to cover up to my ankles) but I thought they would be perfect for the foot bath.

Dead Sea Spa Magik Dead Sea Bath Salts

I got home from work, threw off my boots and filled the foot bath with warm water and a small handful of the salts. After a 20 minute soak my feet felt baby soft and looked nothing like they did when I got in. I have a tiny patch of skin on my leg, near my ankle, that is really dry and even this felt much better after I bathed it with the water.

All I need now is to find a way to re-create a steam room in my flat that I can hide away when I’m not using it…

What do you think?

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