Revlon ColorStay Ultimate Lip Color review

I’m quite a fan of lip colours that claim to stay on all day, through meals out, drinks and of course those annoying moments when you accidentally rub your lips and smudge lipstick all over your face…however, I find that most are not as fool-proof as they like to make out.

Revlon ColorStay Ultimate Lip Color in Tomato

I love the colour of Revlon’s Ultimate Lip Color. It’s a red that reminds me if classic Hollywood – all cupid bows and pouts – Rita Heyworth and Marilyn Monroe. It goes on easily and has a nicely shaped applicator that enables you to carefully outline your lips before filling in the main colour.

I’ve worn it about four times now and have my own technique for making it look great for longer. You can simply apply one coat and be on your way but I’ve found that it normally wears on the areas nearest the mouth so I wait until it’s dry (even when dry it still feels slightly sticky so I test with a tissue and attempt a blot, if none comes off it’s dry) then apply a second coat.

Swatch colour of Revlon ColorStay Tomato in daylight

The biggest downside I find with this lip colour is it doesn’t come with a top gloss so I end up using a clear lip gloss to stop it looking dried out.

Revlon's ColorStay Ultimate Lip Color in Tomato after two coats

I once wore this colour to a wedding and ended up removing it after eight hours as it had started to flake a little and I didn’t want to have to patch it up. It’s a lively colour but unfortunately needs some improvements to allow you to wear it all day without worrying about checking it constantly.

I’d love to know if anyone uses a red coloured lip stain that doesn’t end up making your lips all dried out and flaky.


After four hours of wear, Sunday lunch, a few drinks and dessert the lip colour was looking a little patchy. Lines had started to appear. After a (very naughty) cinnamon and sugar pretzel on the way home it utterly died. I ended up rubbing the remaining colour off with my napkin. I think the sugar acted as a kind of exfoliant on my lips and sloughed away the colour.

What do you think?

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