Barry M Strawberry Ice Cream Nail Polish review

I’ve been having a little nail polish buying spree lately. Today I bought two new colours and a proper base coat as well as a clever little corrector pen from Opi.


Barry M in Strawberry Ice Cream, Revlon Lasting Finish in Sunshine and Rimmel Try Harder base coat.

After wearing a dark navy polish for just three days I was left with slightly stained nails (not a pretty look) and a need for a much better base coat. I’m hoping that the

So tonight I couldn’t resist trying out the pale pink colour.

I started with the base coat which has a slightly pink tinge making it great for a base for a French manicure. It went on easily and felt like it created a thicker than normal coat. Thankfully it dried really quickly with no annoying stickiness.


I quite like the base coat on it’s own. It makes my nails lovely and healthy looking.

Onto the nail varnish. I applied one coat which went on ok, not quite as smooth as the base coat and I knew I had to be careful around my cuticles. Doesn’t look too bad but you can kinda still see my white tips.

So I had to apply another coat. The polish does have a tendency to just sit on the nail instead of levelling out to create a smooth finish but a few careful strikes with the brush help it on it’s way.

I like it. It’s not too bold for work (unlike the starry night polish I wore this week) and doesn’t clash with most colours. The polishes are good value at only £2.99 each but are not so easy to apply in a hurry.

What do you think? Will you be giving pale pink polish a try?

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