The importance of beauty prep: Eyelashes

I’m a fairly simple girl when it comes to make-up. Most days I only wear about four or five make-up products (not including moisturiser) and when going out I might add a couple more. I believe that making sure you have prepared your face before applying your products makes all the difference in how the look turns out. My Grandmother, Nan and Mum all passed on several tips that I always make sure I follow when getting ready to face the world.Japonesque slant volume false eyelashes

The first, and I think most importantly, are your lashes. Forget all those adverts telling you that you can get “skyscraper lashes”,“micro lash technology” that “pumps up” lashes or special fibres that elongate your lashes, with one small tool you can make the most of your eyelashes and stick to a mascara that actually is waterproof and defines your lashes without clogging or clumping or causing you to think you have something in your eye all day (those damned fibres!).

And it is these:

Eyelash Curlers

The humble eyelash curler. I wanted to share the difference they make so I took a series of photos.

Eyelashes before curling

My eyelashes are very fair at the ends making them almost non-existent. This is how they look when I get up in the morning.

Eyelashes after curling

Once I have curled my lashes you can start to see them – see that’s them there. The little brown lashes.

Eyelashes after mascara and curling

And now once I have applied one coat of my mascara. It’s nothing fancy, just Boots No7 Extreme Length Waterproof Mascara which has superfine bristles. It’s waterproof, doesn’t aggravate my eyes (I wear contact lenses), doesn’t clump when I’m applying it and can the brush can those little lashes in the corner. I make sure I throw it out after three months as it starts to go thick and just isn’t very hygienic any more.

By curling my lashes first it opens them up making them frame your eyes instead of them being straight and just not easy to see.

No7 Extreme Length Waterproof Mascara

If I’m off out then I will apply another layer of mascara and combined with eyeliner and some clever application of white shadow it does the job.

Are there any beauty tips that you swear by?

What do you think?

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