New skincare for spring

Last year I received a gift voucher for L’Occitane and until now I haven’t seen anything that I wanted to buy (having already stocked up on their lovely Shea butter hand-creams). But time was running out so I had a think and a rummage around my make-up box (yup a box. A bag is far too small for everything I own) and found that the face creams I use are sometimes just too heavy for spring and summer making a lighter face cream the ideal purchase.

As I made my way around the shop I think I had forgotten just how pricey some of their products can be but since I was in possession of a voucher I decided that this time I would treat myself and not think like a horrified student (“How much!”).

Angelica the plant

In the end I made two purchases, some of their Shea butter foot cream, to get my feet ready for being on show a lot more (especially with a wedding coming up – sandals ahoy) plus a face cream from their Angelica range. I’m sure that Angelica is the same stuff that used to adorn a lot of birthday cakes in my childhood but I held back any scepticism and allowed the lady in the shop (who had a fabulous French accent making everything sound much more special) to coat my hands in the different creams available. I looked thoughtful and hummed and hawed all the while trying to stop thinking about the price and simply choice the cream that actually felt nicest (which turned out to be the pricier one – of course).

Face Cream from L'Occitane

It left my skin feeling soft and slightly velvety without any greasiness – making it perfect for summer. Whether it actually does “improve radiance” or makes my skin “more luminous” I will have to see. It has a pleasant scent too, quite delicate but not overpowering and hasn’t irritated my sensitive skin either. I’m not expecting miracles from this cream but so far it is living up to its £29 price tag.

What do you think?

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