“Your day will be filled with challenges…”


Every morning I read my horoscope. That is not to say that I actually believe what it says, more that I find it funny that the writer for that day is probably on my wavelength and has a mixture of days similar to me. Take today’s for example:

It’s no easy task to keep your feet on the ground today, for you’re tempted to set aside the basic facts to follow an unrealistic daydream filled with rainbows and unicorns. Ignoring the truth may sound like a good idea, but you cannot escape your responsibilities by just sliding off into another dimension. However, if you have the courage to be fully authentic, you can still make use of your imagination without having to fool yourself or anyone else.

Now to be honest, that sounds like most of my days as I love to daydream and yes, sometimes they do include shiny things like rainbows and unicorns but more often than not I am trying to escape the day-to-day routine of work. Staring at the same old windows each day with only a bunch of other office blocks to look at becomes a little mundane. Sometimes I might get distracted by some pigeons as they trot along a windowsill. Or the local drunk lady starts to shout at no-one. Sometimes we watch the man who should be cleaning the streets take a little nap on the bench near our office (he may or may not be on a break).

So each morning I read my horoscope. It gives me a little story to fill my day at work, becomes a guide to what might happen. I even share quite funny ones with my colleagues. Like the line above, “if you have the courage to be fully authentic” I’m not entirely sure that the writer knew what they meant by that phrase. It fills like filler, something to give their editor “I have written 100 words for Aries today!”. Should I worry that I am not “fully authentic”? Perhaps I should check my label. Does it say faux human? Maybe they mean I’m not wearing enough make-up to actually qualify as a grown up woman. I have no idea. Either way I look forward to my mini made up story and also to wind up people who think I truly believe in astrology “that is sooo an Aquarius thing to say” when they say “twaddle”.


What do your stars have in store for you today?

What do you think?

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