An open letter to South West Trains

Dear South West Trains,

I am a frequent user of your service and am as such a commuter. As I stand bleary eyed, trying to hang onto the last remnants of sleep reading my Kindle, I am aware that shortly my destination will arrive and I will have to depart said train.

It is regarding the act of leaving the train that I wish to bring up. Not the general overcrowding or lateness of your trains. No I wish to mention the utterly deafening level that the door opens sound is set at.

Each morning I await the opening of the doors knowing full well that my ears are about to be unpleasantly invaded with a loud “pinging” noise. Why it is set at that level I do not know. Perhaps to wake us working zombies from our train slumber? I think not.

I fear that my very slight tinnitus is increasingly getting worse because of the short BLAST the train plays at me each morn’ and eve.

Oh and if you could get rid of First Class that would be grand. I’m sure I’d like the occasional sit down.


Weary train traveller.

P.S. Any sarcasm was intended.

What do you think?

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