Boots…what a choice to make

I love the variety of footwear that I own. Chocolate Schubar Flat ShoeFrom the selection of flats, ballerina pumps, trendy lace up brogues and my pair that actually looks like silk slippers all the way to my over the knee fabric boots with ribbon laces, my festival favourite cowboy boots back to the shoes that only get an outing once in a while, when I know I can sit down all night or am able to recover for a few days afterwards, you know the ones, they look all beautiful and tempting but on they make your foot curl up and die.

Carvela Gallant Nude Neon Sandals

Recently I have noticed the trend towards lace up boots, whether they be military or Victoriana I am drawn towards them. It makes me think back to when I last owned a pair of lace ups. It was the early 90’s. Before the days of go-go boots sported by the Spice Girls. River Island still used to sell twee clothing and had mock Victoriana bags with old dolls  and cats (Christ, someone sold this one recently for £0.99, whatever next).

"Vintage" River Island carrier bag from the 1990's

I was into grunge music and wore a suede jacket (vintage 70’s) Levi 501’s (imported from the US) and plaid shirts. Now this sounds bloody awful now trust me it looked pretty, well, grunge.

To top off the outfit was both one of my painful purchases (well my mum’s) and one of my most loved. It was my Doc Martens. A simple black pair that took me weeks to break in. I preserved even when I appeared to be creating a massive hole in the back of my heel…But once they were comfortable they took me everywhere and I wore them season to season, with jeans in the winter and tea dresses in the summer. The only reason I had to stop wearing them was because my feet grew larger.

Dr Marten 8 Hole Boot

Now as we come up to winter my thoughts turn to the Doc Marten’s of my past and just how great they were in the snow. I am very tempted by a lovely pair of laced up boots but choices, choices.

Dune Lace Up Brogue Boots

What do you think?

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