Lebanese if you please…

As much as I love cooking my own meals and experimenting with different and new ingredients I still love discovering new restaurants and takeaways for those lazy evenings where all you really want to do is be waited on. Recently I have noticed how Mexican food has really started taking off in London with new fusion chains and tapas style restaurants opening in the place of closed down bars.Mexican food at Wahaca It’s a far cry from the standard “party” destination eateries plastered with faux Mexican decorations, sombreros and all that other stereotypical tat. One not so far from where I live boasts that it can play host to a vast array of parties, birthdays, work plus wakes and divorce parties. Mexican food, perfect for every kind of mood…

I digress, what I find somewhat annoying amongst this boom in Mexican food is still the lack of variety in our local high street restaurants. There are plenty of burger and pizza chains that have decided to go for a more up market audience but the humble kebab shop still seems unable to make this leap. And what’s more is that the vast majority of middle eastern food is hugely healthy and incredibly tasty.

Lebanese meal

I frequent a great little Lebanese place where I work (still falling into the trap of interesting lunch meals) and their tabbouleh is heaven combined with freshly made mousakka or grilled, marinated chicken. I’m not sure if I really want these places to transcend into a place that charges the earth making me want to hark back to the “good old days” of neon lit counters and free copies of The Sun to read, but it would be great to have more of these healthier choices seen outside of London in place of greasy fast food.

What do you think?

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