I’ll never give up my ponies

As I’ve got older I’ve had to part with many things from my childhood. Mainly due to lack of space and sometimes just to share a childhood memory with a new generation. I recently finally parted ways with my Sylvanian Family collection, giving them as a present to my youngest niece and prompting some odd reactions from me when I’ve seen them undressed and generally in a state of disrepair. I spent a good couple of hours the other weekend re-dressing (in the correct clothes) and trying to fix broken bits and instilling a sense of correct play into my niece. But I’m fine with it. She really loves her new toys and happily spends hours playing with them. Much better than them being sat in a box in my wardrobe.

My Little Pony

However this doesn’t mean that my most valued and all time favourite toys will ever be given away. It has been suggested to me several times that my other niece would love my large collection of My Little Ponies but alas I am not inclined to see them go. The very thought makes me feel slightly ill inside and I know that this is a totally irrational thought for a grown woman but I just can’t imagine them being played by anyone but me. I have plans to place them on display when I have enough room much to the surprise of my other half who thinks I am joking.

I’m not. And it seems I am not alone in still having strong feelings about what are really pretty old pieces of plastic with fake hair. Just do a search and you will find loads of sites for owners on how to maintain your ponies, how to make new replacement flutter wings, how to modify your ponies and also where to find those rare accessories.

Modified My Little Pony

Yes, we may all be getting close to middle age but god-damn it the ponies are just too cute. I shall never give up my ponies and will nurse them through “pony cancer” till the end…

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