Rain on your wedding day?

Nearly every girl dreams of her wedding day, whether it is a small friends and family affair to a full blown all out extravaganza. Planning is key to having a great day without worries. The one thing we cannot control is the weather and unfortunately if you live in the UK then chances are it could rain on the day.Now I love my variety of shoes and boots. I have pairs for wet weather, fine weather and those that can really only be worn inside for fear of totally destroying them (a beautiful pair of strappy red suede shoes almost ruined in a mud bath of a wedding) and bridal shoes generally come under this category. So what to do if you want to have some photos outside but loathe the idea of sneaking some trainers on and can’t bear the idea of your satin shoes sinking into the mud? You’d need a great pair of boots…

The Catherine - Weddington Boot

My friend came up with a concept of a Wellington boot that could be worn by brides or bridesmaids and after a little development the Weddington Boot was born. She now sells these lovely ivory wonders and I just wanted to share them. So if you know of any bride worried about what to wear on her feet if the heavens open look no further. They come complete with a little heel and ribbon fastening making them blend in with your wedding or bridesmaid dress perfectly. Go and take a look 🙂

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