Forget cupcakes and whoopie pies…

Cake Pops are the way forward. First introduced to these simply beautiful and yummy cakes at a friend’s birthday party where a bunch of red and white cake pops adorned the food table. Each little cake pop was red velvet cake encased with a layer of white chocolate and decorated with tiny petals or spots. We took a bite through the crisp chocolate to find the amazingly soft and moist red velvet cake within.

April Carter Cake Pops

Now a friend has announced that the cake baker of these delights (April Carter) has launched a book. You too can try your hand at creating what is simply the most perfect form of cake I have seen so far.

Top of the Cake Pops is available at Amazon for a steal of £6.99. I’m now going through April’s lovely blog (and making myself very hungry indeed) Rhubarb & Rose.

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