A fashion challenge

I have an ever increasing wardrobe as I succumb to the latest trends and my changing shape (from super slim teen to a more womanly…well woman). I recently started to go through my clothes and marked out several dresses, tops and jackets that just simply have to go. Many have not even been worn due to a crazed purchases during many sales. They sit in my “to sell” pile.

It is with much admiration that I have been following a friend of mine as she embarks on a 30 day challenge. 30 for 30.

It’s simple, she has chosen 30 items of clothes (including shoes) that she can wear for the next 30 days. Inspired by Kendi Everyday, Jess is halfway through her challange and you can see how she’s doing over on her blog the aptly titled The Vintage Huntress.Jess - Vintage Huntress

So far she’s managed to put together some great looking outfits and cut down the time it takes her to get ready each morning. It has inspired me to really try and reorganise my wardrobe and stop buying new items each time I feel the need to spice up my clothes.

One thought on “A fashion challenge

  1. Ahh, I am the same! Every time I see something I really like, the credit card comes out of my purse. Then I feel guilt for a few days, sometimes months, sometimes forever if I realise I would never have the chance to put the garment on. I too have a “to sell” pile.
    Great post Kath, reminds me I need to sign uo to eBay….

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