Men + Clothes Shopping = Easy?

Most men find clothes shopping easy. They go to the first shop that takes their fancy, wander round and pick up their size. Some may try it on before buying others take the risk and pay without doing an appraisal in the changing room. But when it comes to buying clothes for women it becomes a harder task.

Husband/BF/Other male person in your life: “What size are you?”

You: “A 10. Well unless you’re going to get something from Topshop in which case I might be a 12 or a 14 in trousers”

Husband/BF/Other male person in your life: “Riiiiight”

You: “Oh if you’re thinking of just a top then most places I’m actually a 8/10, trousers anything from a 10 to a 16 and dresses just stick to 12’s”

I’m not saying that this explains away the utter lack of being able to shop if you indeed are a man just pointing out that it should be simple but clothes stores make it much more difficult.

Men’s trousers come in waist size. A 32inch is a 32 inch trouser. OK the cut may make a slight difference but tell someone you need trousers in a 32inch waist and they’ll probably fit fine. Ask someone to go out and buy any dress in a size 10 and depending on where they shop, the dress could vary in size by as much as 3 dress sizes.

Gwyneth Paltrow's dress - one size too small?

Whether this is done to flatter the women into thinking they are smaller sizes (I mean a 10 sounds much better than a 28inch) it doesn’t help us poor souls when we shop, either in the high street or as I prefer to, online where free returns are a godsend.

Over at Vivien of Holloway they use old fashioned 1950s sizing. You measure yourself and buy the matching item.

Any stores out there want to make women happy? Get rid of random clothes sizing and get down to the nitty gritty. Use the real sizes, you never know it might make more men go out and buy clothes for their lady friends…

3 thoughts on “Men + Clothes Shopping = Easy?

  1. I completely agree. Clothes shopping can be laborious, especially if you’re looking for something specific. The only place I’ve found were the sizing is consistent for me is ASOS, other places like H&M I range from a 12-18 which is very frustrating.

    I’m very jealous of Peter who just gives me his waist size and tells me to get whatever I think he’d like. Pfft!

    PS – love your new blog pic. 🙂

  2. Thanks Jess. 🙂

    I recently ordered what I thought would be lovely floaty trousers for the summer in a 12 but when they arrived they were skin tight. It seems that clothes manufacturers don’t believe that women should have curvy hips and bums! xx

  3. Lolz, totally agree Kath, I would much rather have the real measurement than a size. The difference in UK, USA and European sizes just makes choosing your clothes, especially if buying online, very difficult. Same with shoes. And if a man is shopping for his lady, it can be very funny. I have heard many men asking the shop assistant “What size is actually 12?” 🙂

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