Can versus man

Deciding to resist the temptation of a late night visit to McDonald’s and KFC ( we were drunk it was very cold at the bus stop) an idea formed. A can of corned beef sat in the fridge at home. We had bread so this seemed like a perfect proposition. All we wanted was a little snack to ward off the drinking munchies. Simple.

Or so you would think. Bread was buttered, the can was taken from the fridge and this is where disaster struck.

“Where’s the little key?” I thought

“Noooo…the bloody key is missing” I wailed from the kitchen

“Key? For what?” came the cry from the lounge

“The can, you need a little can key to open!”

Corned Beef with Key

See the little key…

Thus the problem of opening said can needed to be solved. We attempted using a can opener. No joy as the can is square. Rummaging round saw pliers entering the game. At first I thought that the problem was solved by the cheap pliers we bought from Ikea (what a purchase) but alas the metal decided to shear off near the end leaving a gap of about two inches to still open. Several more attempts to open said can with the can opener led to the scissors coming out and the can being cut open. SUCCESS! After 30  minutes we had sandwiches. It was now almost 2am in the morning. Next time we’ll just go to KFC. A Zinger burger is much easier.

Corned Beef Fail

The state of the can just before opening…

3 thoughts on “Can versus man

  1. My girlfriend just twenty minutes ago used a pliers to open a can of corned beef, then she dropped it on her toe and bled all over the kitchen and almost fainted! What’s worse is we’re on Skype so I can’t help her, she has no ice or bandaids (plasters)… sigh.

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