Eat healthy, pray for a better waistline, love food

I’m currently trying to be healthy. Ignoring the vast array of titbits that are bought everyday at my office I am determined to get back some semblance of my flat(ish) stomach that I had before Winter came along and helped me consume a dress size in comfort food. Caprese salad - too cute to eat?

Picture by L. Marie

I have no issue with swapping mash potato with salad. I love a good Greek salad and tabbouleh dressed with freshly squeezed lemon or tomatoes dressed in no more than fresh basil and olive oil.

The problem I have found is fresh food. Due to the severe lack of frozen salad produce or long life stir fry veg I am forced into shopping several times a week on top of my larger online shop. I would love to grow herbs and vegetables but I live in a flat with no access to a garden and I’m pretty sure that Wandsworth council would not appreciate me digging up their common.

This means I must face the trial that is avoiding the bakery section, making a tight swerve to avoid the cakes and biscuits and leaping over the last hurdle of chocolates and sweets as I reach the finish line. It’s gonna be hard but I know I can do it… well at least until my birthday and it would be rude to deny others the pleasure of buying me cake.

Sesame Street CakeHow cool are these cupcakes btw…

What do you think?

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