Forbrydelsen may have ended…

But another series beckons later this year on BBC Four and looks to promise a new variety of jumpers and outfits for @Sarah_Lund, another thrilling crime to investigate and more of dead-face Brix. The series shows that we shouldn’t always look at America for great drama and personally I found The Killing to be much more impressive with not one but a whole cast of strong realistic characters combined with a satisfactory ending.

Forbrydelsen 2Rare picture of Brix smiling in second series of The Killing

Deciding to take the advice of several avid fans of The Killing on Twitter I will be recording Spiral series 3 on my PVR. Just to make sure I don’t miss any important past events I have also queued up series 1 and 2 on LoveFilm (I do the same when I read novels too. If I happen to read one out of sync then I have to go to the very beginning and read in sequence.). So a big thanks to BBC Four for continuing to surprise me with as yet undiscovered drama series and giving me hope that I’m not damned to only wish for must stay in TV.

What do you think?

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