My latest cravings…

A while back I spotted a programme in the listings on my PVR that made me series link record every episode. I didn’t start watching until I had a nice little backlog as I’ve found I generally motor through a great series and love to watch big chunks back to back whenever I please. Sneakily hidden in the BBC Four schedule, The Killing, a Danish drama series comprising of 20 parts tracking the investigation of a young girl’s murder.Danish hit The Killing I can’t resist a crime drama and have watched Waking the Dead, Silent Witness, Luther (even though it had some very pantomime scenes), Cracker and my all time favourite, Twin Peaks.

One evening with absolutely nothing to do I sat down. Armed with over 14 episodes I started watching. And was hooked. Brilliant non glossy characters with plenty of normal flaws and intriguing intertwining stories make The Killing essential viewing. It’s not overly brutal or gratuitous and doesn’t continually up the body count to keep viewers interested. A lot of focus from fans seems to be on main detective Sarah Lund’s jumpers and looks to be well on it’s way to becoming a cult in the UK. They are currently on the third series over in Denmark so I will be interested to see if the BBC move the show to BBC 2 for subsequent series.

Chilli Jam

My other new love is chilli jam. I have dabbled before at Nando’s but decided that I would buy a whole jar and it has become the new Reggae Reggae Ketchup sauce in our house. It combines savoury and sweet with a hit of chilli and goes perfectly with cheeses, quiche, chicken and sausages. Buy a jar and find yourself also adding it to everything…

What do you think?

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