Tickled Pickle

Now you have to forgive me. I talk about food a lot. I love food and think about it for pretty much most of the day. I plan meals weeks ahead in my mind and devise new cheats or alterations to old favourites.
Only the Americans could have a pickle flavour sweet...
Sometimes I come across a new product and I wonder why I’ve never seen it before as it becomes a staple in my diet.

Last week I wandered in Waitrose, picked up ham, bread rolls and Olivio (not bad actually) and realised that I needed pickle. Now normally I go straight for sweet onion pickle but have had to say farewell to an old friend as it contains apple (and I am allergic to apple). In don’t mind traditional Branston Pickle but it lacks a certain something. But to my delight I see a new member of the family sat nearby. Beetroot pickle. Pickled Beetroot! I love beetroot. it’s earthy and sweet and also a sustainable food in Northern Europe. What else was I going to choose. Since then I have had it with every lunch. With my chicken pesto and salad. With my cheese tartlet and salad. It rocks seriously.

Just thought I’d share that…

What do you think?

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