Living in a flat…

Might as well be a cardboard flat. Swathes of new build flats go up and without consideration of the occupants. Sound proofing between floors would be a godsend, especially in an estate that is claimed to be prestigious and “highly sought after”.

My neighbour downstairs loves football. I don’t happen to know this because I’ve met him at any point during the last three months. No instead I have realised that the occasions when he decides to sing at the top of his voice coincide with football matches on Sky. Yesterday it was “walk on, walk on with ‘ope in yer ‘art” over and over until he probably fell down drunk and passed out. After three years of living in the relative comfort of houses, this flat is a bit of a culture shock. The front door is constantly slammed shut at all hours and people insist on having loud conversations outside my bedroom window.

All of this could have been avoided if the building company hadn’t decided that old style wooden double glazing that has the noise blocking power of a shower curtain was the cheaper option and that sound proofing between floors was a wasteful idea. I mean come on! Who doesn’t want to listen to their neighbour on the loo, in the shower, brushing their teeth…

It’s not all bad. Some of my neighbours are considerate and close the door quietly and most don’t have riotous parties each and every weekend. I’ve got a nice view over some open green space and cars generally don’t come down our little area so there is no constant traffic.

It reminds me that one day, probably years from now, when I can afford my own pad I will be checking out the smaller details too.

What do you think?

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